Monday, July 17, 2017

African inspired retro style

Long before humans were rushing into coffee shops while fumbling with their phones, a giant continent named Pangaea existed, that was the first to be reconstructed by geologists. Pangaea came to an end as a super continent, when it broke up and its parts began to form- over millions of years- the look of our global map as we know it today. Africa is now the second largest continent. Over 1.500 languages are spoken in Africa. And the world’s largest desert, the Sahara, is almost as big as the United States of America!
It doesn’t take much to feel inspired by the cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes, to create one’s very own style. Although it is of course impossible, to include all aspects of the many cultures and traditional looks of Africa, one can still dream of the continent while embracing a look and feel, that reminds us just a little, of an and warm region, giant animals and the sunset over red soils.
as part of my Youtube video-series "World makeup & style", this was the fifth episode of an ongoing journey through the cultures and signature basics of clothes and colors of the world. 
I’ve chosen a vintage dress with sleeves of a light cotton, with lovely details that resembles a 1950s cut. This combines my African topic with the classic retro style I love to create.
A head scarf, bold jewellery and flat animal print sandals, complete the look.
The makeup is entirely based on warm and more warm color palettes. The eye shadows sparkle in red, brown and gold. A soft bronzer contours the face without any further thick layered products. And a bold strawberry colored lipstick is combined with a nougat tone as a lipliner.
It’s different that the usual safari looks many people think of when it comes to this kind of style. But to me, this is the perfect symbiosis of traditional aspects, retro chic and fun with mixing vintage style directions.   


  1. Love love love maintaining the retro look and using other cultures!
    I would love to see a post on something like a farmy, rural, house dress look. 30's-40's. That is what I am trying to acheive. Housewife with many little ones on an off grid farm.I am determined to not have the hippy look (my personal prefernce not too).

    1. Thank you! Well, I'm trying to cover many looks on my journey through vintage / retro style. Maybe I can make a nice farm-inspired look too. ♥

  2. Oh you are doing a fine job! There are 4 old and young ladies in our household and we are all enjoying your you tube and now blog very much.

  3. Wow I am africa from Mozambique and I loved the look!!!