Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oven-roasted vegetables with rosemary and sesame

If there is a simple recipe for a side dish that compliments almost any meal, its oven veggies. Even the most unmotivated cook will find this one extremely easy.
My version of this well-known recipe is a personal favorite, which includes crispy potatoes, soft tomatoes, zucchini and sweet pepper that is firm to the bite.
In order to get the potatoes right, I peel, cut them in pieces and cook them to the point of being not entirely done. After I’ve drained them, I let them vaporize a moment while adding a bit of coconut oil. (Shake the pot a bit, to make sure its all mixed well.)
The next step is to simply put baking paper on a sheet and place the potato slices on it.
The zucchini is parted and the center removed with a spoon, before being put on the sheet as well.
Tomatoes are parted and the sweet pepper cut in the preferred size.
Salt and pepper on top… and some sesame put on the zucchini.
Now the veggies can bake about 20 minutes at mid-height in the oven at 200°, while I’m checking if the potatoes and zucchini get light golden brown. Only within the last 10 minutes, I add the rosemary and a few splashes of olive oil.
When the veggies are served, I like to add some quark as an extra dip. Which makes the dish feel snack-like and light.
Although I often like to make this as a side dish for wild salmon, it is just as well a perfect meal to enjoy solely. As the different flavors and the aroma of rosemary, make it an easy-to-create-taste adventure.

 The soft aromatic coconut oil helps our potatoes to become crispy and golden.

Sesame on the zucchini slices adds a nutty charm to the bitter flavors of the garden veggies.

For the last few minutes in the oven, the rosemary and olive oil is added.

To compliment the lightness of the dish, I've chosen a soft, crisp German Riesling.

As the health benefits of essential oils are undoubtedly even more of a reason to add them to a meal. Rosemary stimulates the taste buds with a softly bitter, woody aroma, and a sharp fragrant that leaves a resinous scent over the vegetables. Just sharp enough to spice up the soft flavor of baked potatoes and the sweetness of red pepper. Bon App├ętit!


  1. Looks yummy! We often have potatoes as our main dish. We are not vegan or vegetarian, potatoes just happen to be delicious and budget friendly!
    Thank you...will be trying this one!
    God bless
    ( We are your you tube followers with the little girl named Lily:)
    She is your newest fan!

    1. Same here, not vegetarian, but we love potatoes:) Please give little Lily a big hug from the "old" one:) ♥♥