Friday, July 21, 2017

Unconventionally retro

… movie-inspired style


“Have no fear, Miss Meadows is here!” A line of a rather unconventional black indie comedy, I’ve absorbed as edgy, fine-tuned and a little uncomfortable, but fun to watch. Katie Holmes plays an elementary school teacher with an old-fashioned, unpredictable, yet kind attitude. Which obviously annoys the adult world around her, but soothes the spirits of her first-graders with love, devotion and understanding. Aside from displaying an odd mix of style patterns, including tap shoes with a girly, retro(ish) touch, she insists on minding good manners in every situation. She even holds on to her social graces, while pulling out a gun of her cute little purse, to shoot the characters who threaten either herself, or the “good people” around her. Freezing cold. Determined to create a safer and more beautiful environment, by whacking the villains out of the way. She falls in love with the sheriff, of all people (James Badge Dale), who sees the fragile beauty in her, in spite of becoming more and more suspicious.
Considering the complexity of the main character, Miss Meadows could have been even more thrilling, if brought to further heights. The plots’ potential was, in my opinion, not fully realized, but watching it was certainly no waste of time. Holmes did a fabulous job, mirroring the layers of the protagonists' nature. Even more the scenery and costumes of this movie, made me want to try a vintage version of a homicidal Mary Poppins- look myself.

The offbeat retro style was a first for me to try, and I must admit that I enjoyed every minute of it.
Combining a skirt, blouse and a little less matching cardigan with gloves and white socks, made me feel surprisingly comfortable. Instead of tap shoes, I wore regular black ones, which fortunately held me back from even trying a tap dance under the eyes of strangers in the street.
Was I embarrassed, walking through a small town with my hands covered with gloves, holding a book and my head up high? Hell no!
I expected my little style experiment to be so out of line, that I’d wish a crack would emerge in the pavement in which I could disappear. But the fact that some people looked at me either astonished or with the uttermost disapproval, didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

And I wondered: When has it become so common to accept the norm without questioning, even when it too often means bad taste, sometimes appalling uniformity, and instinctively degrading the different to an oddball? What the heck does NORMAL even mean?
For some people, it means a totally different way of life than for others. “Normal is an illusion. What’s normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly”. Another movie line- of The Adams Family- that crossed my mind while walking around in my comfy outfit. I wouldn't have thought that socks in shoes, worn like this, could be so very snugly!

When I felt that my smile froze here and there, being confronted with too much staring, I used to yell at the person in my mind: “YES, I am different! YES, I like it!… YES, my purse is gun-free” and
“I wouldn’t stare at you for wearing an ensemble that seems hideous in my eyes!”
And I truly wouldn’t! Because I accept that we are all different in some way and need to express ourselves exactly the way we please. Even though some people apparently work for a secret style police, that sends its troops out to invade our personal space with looks and stares. But these folks don’t aim at certain celebrities that walk around as if they dressed themselves without any light in the room- or not at all.
No, the style police is looking for you and me! Concealing their own insecurities by pointing their fingers at the one person around, that had the nerve to cross the line of a societies’ self-imposed dress code, that oozes the charm of a grey wallpaper. And although I’m going back to my usual, more adult style, I will keep this experiment in the back of my mind. As an inspirational twist I may want go give a future outfit now and then.

What's Miss Meadows hiding in her purse?

Very little to almost no makeup, but bold lashes and a slightly messy but neat hairstyle, complete the appearance.

One mustn’t do much to attract the looks with a style experiment. Just the details are often enough to make others brood about it.
Perhaps, that is already the first step to make people think of how freeing it could be, to stop excluding the odd, the free spirits, or simply the Misses and Mister Meadows-types, that sure won’t do no harm to anyone in real life, but want to live in peace and diverse harmony. With a trippy smile.


  1. Loved the outfit! I really enjoyed reading this post! It reminded me of last winter that it was so cold here in Greece (Yes! It can get cold too! We are NOT a tropical country!) and I wore this lovely woollen retro hat that I had purchased from a trip to Athens ( it was from a small shop called: 'Mad Hatter' and the brother and sister that own the place have inherited the business and trade from their grandfather! They create such lovely men's and women's hats!) So, joyful me! I stepped in the bus to go to work with my lovely retro hat on! You can't believe the looks-mind you not from the older people (60 and up!- they found it normal!)- but from younger ones in my own age! I got the odd stare and the odd giggle and the rude gossip about you infront of you! Note: the so called lady that was doing all the above had her rimmel dripping down her cheek! Should I had stared and laugh at her! Of course not I have taught manners! I proudly continued wearing my hat all through winter and I got a few compliments along the way: ' oh! you look so lady-like!' and I thought that's the point!
    May I suggest another great film starring Kate Winslet called :'The Dressmaker', it is about retro fashion, being different and taking revenge! I simply enjoyed it!

    1. I just wanted to say..good for you tearose!

    2. Yes, good for you! And thank your for sharing this! I can emphasize very much. The Dressmaker is indeed a great movie. ♥♥

  2. This sounds like a movie I would like. I have been wanting to wear little white gloves SO badly this summer. I think I will get a pair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks!!!!!!!!

  3. I think you look absolutely gorgeous and not the lest bit odd!

  4. You look simply darling! I would wear socks with little lace cuffs I have sewn on with oxfords or Victorian type boots. I like the look!

  5. Your look is properly whimsical which I find to be refreshingly creative.

  6. I've just watched the movie on your recommendation, and liked it! I love the ending, too (AND Katie Holmes' hair in the final scene...)

  7. I recently watched Miss Meadows, and I enjoyed it very much. Yes, there were some issues with the plot, but then again, I could say the same for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

    Have you watched The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime? Also, I just found the 2015 BBC series Partners in Crime. If you enjoy Agatha Christie's Poirot and/or Miss Marple, you'll enjoy this.

    1. I haven't seen these yet, since I hardly find time to watch anything these days. But I hope I will in the future. <3